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Latest Retrospective

RAMBO: Last Blood (2019) Review

Let’s Play Retro – Space Crusade (Amiga)

Latest Commentary

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26 thoughts on “

  1. Was lucky enough to stumble across your youtube film retrospective reviews. I saw most of these movies in the theater and own many of the scores, however you do these very, very well (and brilliantly concise). Thank you.

  2. 20 minutes on Hard Target? A waste of your wonderfully enjoyable talent. I would love to see less Schlock movies and more relevant or even mildly interesting reviews. Just a request – its your hobby but as a fan…. enough Van Damme, jaws 3d,Street Fighter 2 or Highlander type schlock. Surely you can sprinkle in more intelligent films you’re fond of as well. Please no Adam Sandler movies – I look forward to your reviews like Saturday morning cartoons but you got me worried. 🙂

    1. haha well Hard Target will certainly be the last Van Damme film I review for awhile. Im moving on to an animated feature next. Calling those movies Schlock is down to personal opinion. I cover movies that are important to ME and those who grew up on them. If even my followers aren’t fond of a movie I cover they still find it informative and enjoyable and No I won’t be covering any Adam Sandler movies in the future. 🙂

  3. I love your reviews. They are so well researched, well thought out and present information in a structured and objective way. It’s fantastic the way you present interesting facts about behind the scenes, games and scored and more. You seriously should have millions of hits and subscribers for your reviews. They are brilliant and I love watching them. I’ve learnt so much about some of my favourite films watching your reviews. Keep up the brilliant work! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your supportive comment. Its really nice to hear you enjoy my style and appreciate what I do!.Yeah many people say I should have more followers and views on YouTube which is really nice of them. My videos and popularity is still kind of a niche in a way and the bulk of YouTube users like quick and short videos which is not my approach. I like quality over quantity.

  4. Absolutely love the retrospective reviews and commentaries, especially the ones with Duncan. A perfect mix of intelligent film discussion and humor throughout each of the films. The commentaries on the Alien Series and Dark Knight Trilogies have gotten me through some long days at work. Can’t wait for more! Keep up the great work!!

    1. Hello Matt!. Great to hear you’ve been enjoying the commentaries and reviews. Im finding more and more people are enjoying the commentaries while they work or study. Good to help get you through a boring day at work 😉

      1. Love your retrospectives Ollie but could you review porridge TV series and film. Also why are YouTube comments disabled for your vids

      2. Hi Conor. Comments are disabled? I never turn off the comments section on a video. Which video are you referring to?. Unfortunately I can’t review any BBC stuff. They don’t allow YouTube content creators to use footage in conjunction with monetising videos.

  5. Hi Oliver, love the reviews. I may have finally neared the end of your extensive list. Do you have plans to review Excalibur at any time?
    This was a childhood favorite that I revisit from time to time and would love to see your retrospective.
    Thanks for all the entertainment!

  6. Love your reviews, just came across your reviews a couple a months ago. Keep doing what you do sir. Waiting for the wrath of Khan retro lol. Kk laters

  7. Hello I’ve recently watched a few of your retrospective reviews such as the highlander films, and a few others. My siblings and I enjoy watching them, somthing more of a passtime around at home when we all sit and watch youtube. I wanted to say thank you for the informative and in depth information that we recently never knew given the times we already watched these movies growing up. We have a new appreciation for them.

    I was hoping to make a request if you have the time. Would you consider reviewing a film called “Dragonheart” made in 1996 with Dennis Quade as the leading character Bowen, Sean Connery was also the voice of Draco. I don’t think its the best film in the world but would like see how you would put it together.

    Thank you for you time and hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    1. Good Morning Ed, my apologies for the late reply. Dragonheart is a movie i am considering, i had used a picture of the dragon in one my early series graphics which often indicate what movies i’m going to be reviewing for that season but it never happened. I will get to it this year i promise. I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas and an eventful New Years celebration!.

  8. Just saw your review on the Star Wars Holiday Special It did air in Australia a friend of mine had a VHS copy of it recorded off free air tv that is how I got to see it for the first time.
    And also I would like to see a review on the Blu-ray Battlestar Galactica 1978 series that would be great and your thoughts on Galactica 1980. (cheers).

    1. Hi Lloyd, do you mean BBTV? Thats the network i’m with on YouTube who help with my monetising my work, most YouTubers join a network to help with such things and issues with YouTube in general that pop up.

  9. Hi Oliver- any way of watching the supergirl review (the movie version) it says it is blocked in the uk on youtube, I thought going to your website might have a non youtube upload i could watch but it seems to just direct back to YT

    1. Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply. The review was blocked worldwide ages ago so it was unlisted and removed. Luckily Supergirl is coming to Bluray this July from Warner Archives so expect a redux review around that time.

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