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  1. I would love to see you do a review on Ladyhawke. That is one of the movies that had helped shape my childhood, I think it had a great score and was a good fantasy story about true love.

  2. I’d love to see you review Streets of Fire, it’s a movie like no other, a rock and roll fable, that sadly has been mostly forgotten.

  3. Loved your review on Hook. A little tidbit that many don’t know is that the names Jack and Maggie are actually the American/British translations of Hansel and Gretel (Jack (often a nickname for John which in German is Hans or Hansel. And Maggie = Margaret= Greta or Gretel)) Just something I learned from reading old episodes of EC Comics (specifically “Sugar, and Spice, and …” in ShockSuspenStories)

  4. Hey man. Love your reviews. Brilliant stuff. Would love to see your thoughts on “Runaway Train” from 1985 with John Voight. I remember watching that with my dad when I was very young, and I recently picked up a BlueRay copy of it. Keen to get stuck into that again.

    1. Sorry for the late reply sir. I haven’t seen Runaway Train which is apparently one of Cannon Films best movies!. I did see the Blu-ray floating around in the shops. I will pick it up next time I see it.

      1. Have you seen Miami Connection? That would be a fun commentary one of the best So Bad it’s good films!

      2. Hey Oliver, Will you be Reviewing Headshot, with Iko Uwais from the Raid films?

        Recommendation In The Line of Duty 4 with Donnie Yen.

  5. Hi, I always look forward to your videos.
    I would love to see you review the 1986 movie “The Hitcher”, an underrated thriller that not a lot of people talk about.


    1. I personally don’t know Ilya Salkind. Warners now own all the Superman material and Ilya can’t tell them to release the extended TV cuts. With Warners focusing on the new Superman they won’t be returning to the Chris Reeve series for any updates or new special editions for a long time.

      1. Actually, Warner Archive just released the Extended TV cut of “Superman: The Movie” on High Definition Blu-Ray disc! But, I guess you already knew that, Ollie, because I saw some of the extra footage in your latest examination of “Superman IV.” I really love those Retrospectives/Reviews of the “Superman” franchise, because it revealed certain facts that even I was unaware of.

  7. Your work is spectacular. If you ever decide to do a commentary with one of your FANS, keep me in mind. I am an amateur filmmaker and actor. I recently watched your retrospective for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and I think we could do a decent commentary for it. Keep it in mind. Your commentaries with Richard and Duncan are incredibly entertaining.

  8. Excellent work! I thoroughly enjoy your retrospective rewiews. It would be great to see ‘Beastmaster’, ‘Purple Rain’ and ‘Groundhog Day’ get reviews.

    1. Hi Martin!. Thanks for your feedback. Covering a movie like Purple Rain would be tough because Prince has strict rules on people using his music and doing videos like mine would be difficult with the use of the soundtrack. I will be covering The Burbs this summer it may not be Groundhog Day but still a solid comedy.

      1. Right. Forgot about his strict music policies for a moment there. “The ‘Burbs” is great! I’ll look forward to that.

  9. Your retrospective reviews are compulsive viewing for movie buffs. Kind of like a wikia treatment and mark kermode rolled into one. Thanks for doing these!

    How about Jonny mnemonic as a 90s take on cyberpunk themes popular today?

    1. Currently im not considering a retrospective. The next TV I indeed to cover is the Robocop live action series from the early 90s. Only lasted 1 season which is enticing to me. I can’t deal with shows that run over 4.

  10. Hey Oliver, I just wanted to write you and express how much joy your retrospectives. I discovered your videos earlier this year when I was looking at terminator documentaries online and saw your retrospective. I went on a binge of watching your videos and they are just incredible.

    Your reviews are so well thought out, edited and well spoken. Whenever I speak about films to my friends or husband, they look at me a little crazy because I love films like an art. So to see someone with as much passion makes me feel a lot better.

    I hope you do a retrospective on the exorcist or titanic one day. But in the mean time I am enjoying your videos and look forward to seeing more. Thanks for all the great work you do.

    Love from Chicago

    1. Hello Kristine!. Thanks so much for your lovely feedback, it always puts a smile on my face when folk say they binge watch my work, i’ve ruined many peoples weekends, they watch one then they can’t stop lol. I hope to get around to Exorcist next year but maybe I can do Titantic for Christmas.

  11. Just like some other commenters, I stumbled across your retrospectives on youtube and was captivated by them. Entertaining and informative. I love that you touch on the music and how you incorporate it throughout each review. Simply incredible work. And having grown up in the 80’s, for me it is great that you cover so many movies from that time period – it takes me to my happy place. Also, like everyone else, I can’t help but suggest a movie for a retrospective. A list of the actors:

    Mel Gibson
    Anthony Hopkins
    Laurence Olivier
    Liam Neeson
    Daniel Day-Lewis
    Bernard Hill
    With music by Vangelis.

    Sounds like a heck of a movie, right? Have you guessed it yet? It is “The Bounty” (1984). I think it is an overlooked movie that most people forgot even exists. Great scenery and great music. In any case, think it over.

    Two more movies to suggest: “From Beyond” (1986) – very odd but strangely interesting movie . And “Iceman” (1984) – great performance by John Lone. One of my all time favorite movies.

    Thanks for your time and keep the great reviews comming

  12. Very good job! if you are interesting in French voiceover for your Retrospective, feel free to contact me. My rates are affordables, just tell me your budget per episode : maybe, we could start our collaboration that helps you to promote your work for French community on the net 😉
    One more time, Congrats! Best regards, Aurelien

  13. Hey, Oliver!

    I made a video to share with you after watching your awesome Aliens Retrospective!

    I am a musician/composer and noticed this music plagiarism several years ago while I was preparing to score a live theater performance of various works by H.P. Lovecraft. Alien and Aliens are and will always be among my favorite movies, despite this.

    I was going to share it on your FB group page, but it seems I must have accidentally un-joined :-(. I sent another join request though.

    Thanks again for all the amazing content!

  14. Absolutely loved your Top 10 Superhero Soundtracks! I hope you do find some time to do more, covering all the different aspects of film. I enjoy the fact that you’re able to pull out parts of movies that are really great (soundtrack) despite a poor film in general. Keep up the great work on the Retrospective and your commentaries as well! Cheers from Seattle, USA!

    1. Hello Matt!, thank you very much for your feedback on my reviews and recent Top 10 video. Im not sure if i will continue with more Top Ten videos due to the views being pretty low on that video, less than a quarter of subscribers have tuned in so im less than motivated to continue with more in that format. Appreciate your support and have a good weekend!.

  15. I just wanted to stop by and say how much I enjoy your retrospective/reviews. Watching them is like a walk through my childhood movie watching. Your well paced, organized, and informative retrospectives are incredible to watch and never boring. I hope you keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing it right. Thanks.

  16. Hello! can you make a retrospective/review on the movie JFK? and your personal opinion about witch is better Hollywood and Disney cartoons or Asian anime? and i wish that i would posess your kind of talent to do the work you do, but i was bullied in school and i got several bad traumas in the head and i now have some brain damage so i can`t do certain things. the damage destroyed some of my inteligence and at result i m not smart enough for this.

    1. Hi Sanna, my apologies for the late response, your comment was put into my spam section, not sure why. Im very sorry to hear about your bad experiences in the past, you don’t have to be smart to do what I do, it just takes practice and time to develope your skills. I don’t really compare Hollywood with Disney and Anime, it all depends on the story and if you prefer animation to live action. I tend to prefer live action films. JFK is a great film but it would be a tough task to take on due to the large amount of things I would need to cover such as the history of the shooting and the conspiracies.

  17. Like I said, the transfer on darkman is amazing! Really liked what they did with the how!ING and the island as well…By the way sir, my name is Ricky Miller… Love what you do sir! You should also know they have a dazedd and confused on criterion Blu ray now as well….They also recently did an update of the fog and village of the damned!

  18. Hello,

    I love your retrospectives/reviews. They are fantastic!

    I would love for you to do movies from the 90s also animated movies such as Disney.


    1. Hi Thomas, thanks for your feedback, I have thought covering more Disney movies but I’ve never been a huge fan of them, I happily watch them when they’re on TV and I do own a couple. I may review ‘Robin Hood’ in future.

  19. If I wanted to send you a gift (a physical gift), how could I go about it? I’m already a Patreon supporter.

    It’s nowt dodgy (!)

  20. Hello Oliver.
    I enjoy watching your retrospectives/reviews as they are very interesting piece of material to watch with great commentary of yours which makes them very professional. Also podcast commentaries with Richard and Duncan which are fun to watch. Now, some time ago you guys did review to Supergirl tv series season 1, are planning on reviewing the 2nd season? I would like to hear your opinion on it and especially about Superman, how the character is written and how he is portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin.

    Best regards

  21. Hi Oliver

    Firstly well done on such an great job at reviewing films, the amount of detail you go into is amazing and I particularly like it when you discuss computer games based on the films. I recently bought Dune based on your review and I must admit I do watch your shows before I watch the films you have done now as it gives such a interesting backstory to them.

    Any plans to review any Chevy Chase movies, there are a few amazing films which would be ideal to be review by someone with your resources. I recommend ‘Nothing But Trouble’ and of course ‘The Three Amigos’

    1. Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your feedback! There are currently no plans to review any Chevy Chase movies but…The Three Amigos is certainly a good starting point in future to cover one of his movies.

  22. I was wondering if you were going to do The Lord of the Rings? It’s been long enough now , right, to consider it nostalgia?

    1. Hi Philip, there are no plans at the moment to review LOTR because I haven’t read the books, it would be unfair or difficult in a way to discuss certain aspects of the film without knowledge of the book. Covering this film or the trilogy on a whole would be a huge task to take on.

  23. Hey Oliver, your reviews are the best I’ve seen so far! Well edited, great insight (I love how you look at the video games of the movies), etc. I’d love to see more retrospectives/reviews and hopefully some of these movies would make the cut:

    The Lost Boys
    The Addams Family
    The Last of the Mohicans
    Crimson Tide
    Field of Dreams
    Edward Scissorhands
    The Hunt For Red October
    The Untouchables
    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Apollo 13
    Dances with Wolves
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Just to name a few.

  24. Dear Oliver,i love your reviews!I enjoy them very much.I often agree with what you say!
    I am looking forward to more fine reviews!Cheers from The Netherlands!!!

  25. Message to Oliver..Love your reviews been getting pretty addicted to them…..any chance of a retrospective and review on 1986 Spacecamp? Would love to see tons of info on that movie and soundtrack, one of John Williams under appreciated scores of the 80’s

  26. Oliver, I love your Retrospectives! The amount of depth and research you do is amazing. It helps to make a deeper level of love and appreciation of great movies. I would love to see you do a review for three amazing films, Michael Manns “Heat” and Stephen King/John Carpenters “Christine” and King/Kubricks “The Shinning” Please and Thank You. Keep up the great work.

  27. Mr. Oliver, your reviews are fantastic! I would love to see a retrospective review of 2002’s The Count Of Monte Cristo. Keep up the great work!

  28. Hey Oliver. I am a huge fan. Keep up the great work. I wanted to suggest two films from the 90s which were pretty low key regarding notoriety but which I loved watching growing up. Would love to see/hear your take on them. Robert Rodriquez’s Desperado and Richard Donner’s Assassins which was written by the Wachowskis.

  29. Just wanted to thank you personally for your Superboy Retrospectives. I got very sick last year from a double ear infection, stomach bug, and allergy attack all hitting me at once. Based off your recommendation and my own boredom, I bought the show off Amazon to give myself something to do. I ended up having hearing loss (35-45 percent) and vertigo for about two and months, but that show got me through it with its hope and optimism. I have now watched Superboy through another time, collected all the comics, and I am a big fan of it. Thanks for the other retrospectives, which I often listen to in the background while I work. Oh and you are right – Season 3 was the best season. Really appreciate what all you guys do!

    1. Blimey im sorry to hear Bill you got hit with so many infections at once must of been a nightmare for you. Its really great to hear my Superboy reviews got you interested in the characters and encouraged you to seek out the series and comics. Season 3 is really good and has the best writing. Which actor do you prefer in the role of Superboy?

  30. Can you please do a retrospective on The Saint. With Val Kilmar I think the movie is forgotten and is just an awesome movie and almost a period piece.

    1. Hi Dan, sorry for the late reply. I did consider The Saint but after watching it again fairly recently I felt less inclined to. I felt it was a very dull movie im afraid and didn’t feel the desire to cover it in R/R form.

  31. Hello, Oliver Harper. My name is Noah and I like movies from 80s, and 90s. I have a question: Would you upload videos of Siskel & Ebert part after you upload some movies? Thank you.

  32. Hi Ollie Would love to see you review –
    Bad Taste -1987 By Peter Jackson
    Brain Dead (Dead Alive) – 1992
    Death Race 2000 (Original)
    Basket Case – 1982
    Dawn of the Dead Original

  33. Dear Oliver,

    I’ve seen some of your retrospectives. And I’m quite a little fascinated by how films are made. Since, I want to be a stop-motion animator and filmmaker one day. I’ve made a few videos for my digital filmmaking class in first period. And last year, I made my very first film which is stop-motion and a another one made for the seniors graduating high school. My favorite retrospective you made is the first Transformers. Kind of feel a little nostalgic for it because I used to watch it a lot when I was six years old even had the toys and loved What I’ve Done by Linkin Park.


    Would you ever do a in-depth retrospective or commentary with Richard Jackson and Duncan Jones or Brad Watson of Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones? Since, it’s almost ten years ago when the film came out in 2009. The only edition with special features is the two disc Blu-ray from 2010. Where it included a three hour making of documentary. There hasn’t been a official release for Brian Eno’s score. How long would the retrospective review? Haven’t seen any recent review of the review of it. Most from between 2009 and 2010, the closet I’ve seen is YourMovieSucks review where it was titled The Lovely Boner. Would you ever do it or not do it? Since this is a recommendation for a 2019 retrospective review

    *Please note, I haven’t listened to much of your commentaries though.

  34. Dear Oliver,

    Would you ever do a in-depth retrospective or commentary of Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones?
    Since, it’s been almost ten years ago when the film came out in 2009. The only edition with special features is the two disc Blu-ray with a three hour making of documentary. By the way there hasn’t a soundtrack release for Brian Eno’s score. I’ve been on YouTube and there hasn’t been much reviews of the movie. Most from 2009 and 2010 or even much recent. The closest I’ve seen is YourMovieSucks’s review which is title The Lovely Boner. How long would the retrospective be? Would your ever consider doing it or not do it? Since this a recommendation for a future retrospective review.


    I want to be a stop-motion animator and filmmaker one day.
    I’ve only made a few videos for my digital filmmaking class. Last year I’d made my first film which is stop-motion and made another one for the seniors graduating. I’ve seen some of your retrospectives. My favorite one you made is the first Transformers.

    1. Dear Chris, I’ve personally not seen The Lovely Bones im afraid, its one of Peter’s movies I missed out on despite working as a projectionist when it was playing in cinemas. At the moment I have a crazy schedule as im working on my documentary and im not taking requests at this time.

      Oliver Harper

      1. You got to watch it. I’ve seen this movie three times now. Yeah, there are moments that are really effective but the best parts are Saoirse Ronan and Stanley Tucci. The first time I saw this was bits and pieces of it. One scene I’d particularly remember is the bathroom scene. I’m going to spoil it of what goes on but you’ll find out. My dad had rented it from a local Blockbuster, which is now a Diary Queen. Along with The Last Airbender (M. Night Shyamalan’s, of course) and Ramona & Beezus. This was around November 2010, I was in fourth grade then. I’d even remembered seeing an ad for the film on tv once when it came out. By then I was in third grade so it was either late 2009 or early 2010. It’s been years when I heard of it. Six years later in freshman year around 2016, I discovered it was based on a book. Maybe do this after your done making the documentary and some retrospectives okay.

        Thank you,

  35. Dear Oliver,
    I love your Retrospective/Review series, been watching for a long time. My question is, since you’ve been reviewing movies for so long, I was wondering if you could review TV shows? If you do, you should start with Avatar The Last Airbender. It’s a really amazing show that has great world building, great character development, and amazing action scenes. Also for a new comer to the show you should, if you want to finish the series as quick as possible, watch 6 to 8 episodes a day or night and you’ll be done with the series in about a week.

  36. Can you please do some for cyberpunk and/or anime retrospectives? Akira, Tetsuo, Dark City, Ghost in the Shell, Hardware. Thank you.

  37. Hi Oliver love your channel and your retrospectives. My question is will you do retrospectives on other DCTV TV shows like Smallville and the Arrowverse shows once they are finished? Thanks and keep up the great work.

  38. Hey Mr. Harper,

    Can you please think about doing a retrospective on Ricochet? There’s quite a lot to mine here, arguably one of Mulcahy’s best movies, Denzel’s on point and Fred Dekker wrote it. Please, I’m sure you could get some good behind the scenes facts on this one.

  39. Hey Oliver,

    I’ve been a huge fan of your work for years, and I’ve finally been able to purchase and watch “In Search of the Last Action Heroes.” Just like with your Retrospectives, i was blown away by how much I enjoyed the movie. There was a great logical flow to it, and struck a great balance between being informative and entertaining. I was particularly happy that you spent a good amount of time talking about the scores/soundtracks to these films (just like in your retrospectives), as I feel this is so often overlooked when talking about movies (especially the action genre). Overall, I really appreciate the work that you do, and thank you for your efforts.

  40. Very cool to see you giving Color Out of Space some exposure, as well as your recent guest appearance on Stuart Ashens channel (I’m very much looking forward to the VHS sequel! 🙂 )

    There was however one very jarring thing: you start off with contrasting Richard Stanley and H.P. Lovecraft, saying that Lovecraft “was very racist in his material”. This is an erroneous, though sadly increasingly propagated, urban myth. Lovecraft was not at all racist as demonstrated by his myriad letters and travel journals.

    What you should understand, is that his writing is a product of its time: he accurately describes the appalling squalor in which Irish and Italian blue collar immigrants lived due to lack of work and acceptance. Similarly he depicts a period-accurate romanticized image of voodoo and other superstitious rituals, the practice of which flourished among the unschooled descendants of freed slaves, especially in Haiti, Louisiana, etc.

    The constant ‘blackwashing’ of history to make Lovecraft out to be some horrible bigot to whom we enlightened folks have some moral high ground, does an enormous disservice both the man himself, as to all historical serious pursuit of literature.

    1. Hi there, thanks for reaching out to me, I was looking into Lovecraft’s work and it’s been noted a number of times that he referred to black people not as human but as beasts but this in the early 1900s, people had different views back then. I don’t believe I was judging his work which is loved by many but his own personal opinions. If you go on YouTube and watch an interview with Richard Stanley, I believe by Collider? he discusses his disagreement with Lovecraft’s views.

  41. Hi Oliver,
    This is karthik from Bangalore India. I am big fan and would love to see your review of the 1977 film Sorcerer.

    I saw This film recently and absolutely blown away by it.

    Look forward to Sorcerer review from you soon.

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