For over three years I’ve been producing mini documentaries on YouTube, covering those classic movies from the 80s and 90s that we all grew up on. My aim is to bring something new to the film review and move it towards something more substantial for the viewer, a retrospective. I am a one-man army, working full-time to bring you exciting new content every week. With your support I can continue producing these high quality documentaries that provide entertaining alternative trailers, an educational experience and a detailed and fair review. It is my hope that I can continue producing these videos in order to share my film knowledge and skills with the world and to fulfill my desire to entertain and educate. It is with your help and your kind donations that I will be able to continue producing the content that you, the viewer, can enjoy.

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  1. Oliver Harper, you are probably the best reviewer online, you’re very open minded, and trying to respect films despite some of their critical outcomes, and i wish you good luck with the future reviews. if you’re interested i recommend checking out “Under Siege”, cult classic “The Warriors”, the very underrated sequel “Another 48 hours”, “1941”, “Fortress”, 2005’s “Sahara” and hammer’s “Dracula”

      1. Ollie, This is Usama Zahid, here I hereby request you to do a Retrospective Review of Clue (1985) in which starred both Legend actor Tim Curry and Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd.

  2. Can I say what brilliant reviews yourdoing, please keep going. Been watching the re-uploads you got on you tube (loving the id matching vid) I would like to make a request and offer help to you to make terminator 2 review, I know it may be hard to claim the rights. I have 17 different formats of the film including The laser disc which as 18 cert on it.

    1. Hi Daniel, thank you for your support and kind words about my work. Yes I am considering a Terminator 2 review very soon. Yes I also had the LaserDiscs sets even the Japanese ‘Squeeze’ edition at one point. I will probably need some help gathering images of all the different editions which I could use some help with in future.

  3. All that I can say about your reviews is…Phenomenal! From the edited clips that bookend each episode, to the informative “behind the scenes” aspects of each film, to other aspects of post-production and promotion of the films, as well as public critical reactions such as Siskel & Ebert clips; they are the best reviews of retro films I have ever seen. One last thing, your narration gives the perfect tone to each episode, with a pleasant seriousness to it. Alot of film reviews’ voices can be grating sometimes, as they try to be overly cleaver and loud. It’s good to hear a rather calm, honest approach to the narration, as opposed to appealing to people with short attention spans. I hope that all made sense lol. Thank you once again for turning movie reviews into works of art! God bless you!

    1. Thank you very much for the thoughtful and very warm feedback. You’ve made my day. Its always nice to hear from fans of my work. Hope you had a nice weekend. 🙂

  4. FYI … Dark City was inspired and a purposely reduced knock off of THE greatest looking film of the 1990s The City of Lost Children (1995) or La cité des enfants perdus. Very interesting back storey and completely obvious. Takes nothing away from Dark City…great film by itself but you seem keen on “back lot” stories and titans of influence. seen it? my favorite 90s film by quite a lot

    1. oops! i meant the two plots, look, themes, characters – all as close as possible to try and avoid a lawsuit. cool storey about that but you’ll find it if interested. French, unfairly forgotten now but when released it was hugely successful and influential

  5. I have never left correspondence online of any kind anywhere EVER! However I felt compelled to let you know that your doing a great job and wish you luck. Not only are your retrospective reviews good to watch, but in many cases compile more rare information and footage, then most special features available on, oh, lets say just about any format available. Continue to impress – Hooch

  6. Ollie, I have to say, first and foremost, I love your work. Simply brilliant in all fields. Your retrospectives are very nicely done, fair, well balanced, well thought out and structured. As I said, simply brilliant. It is however, another thing that warrants me posting this. I love your commentaries, especially if I have the particular movie myself, but even without them, I find them immensely entertaining. The friendship between yourself and Richard, and Duncan, is very obvious, and I find myself laughing at your little back and forths. And somewhat refreshing is hearing someone English, near where I grew up talking about things in a way that is so familiar. Being from Berkshire, it’s a marked change from the typically American dominated media on the net.
    Anyway, I wish you all the best, and sincerely hope that you will continue in your endeavours as you have done up ’til now.
    Now comes my ulterior motive, which would be the suggestion of a couple of movie series! Gotta have a motive right? 🙂 Heehee
    Have you given any thought to maybe doing a commentary to either the ‘Jaws’ franchise, or the ‘Harry Potter’ series? If so, rest assured, you would have at least one fan waiting to listen to them.
    Right, I’m out. All the best.

    1. Hello Patrick,
      Thank you very much for leaving your feedback. It was very nice to read your support and enthusiasm for my work. I shared your kind words with Duncan and Richard and they were both very happy. In regards to future commentaries. I personally have seen all the Harry Potter films but Im no expert on the productions and have never read the books so I feel I couldn’t provide any interesting commentary to the series but with JAWS the lads and I are more than happy to do them. So yes I will be producing commentaries to the JAWS films later this year. Thanks again for your support. If you want early access to my retrospectives and commentaries you can support me through Patreon which gives you these benefits!.

      All the best


      1. Had to do it, Ollie. In regards to your play-through with Richard for Resident Evil 2… …. “You, Jill, master of unlocking! 🙂 Take care, and keep up the good work. (Congrats, Richard, btw for a good run through)

  7. Love your reviews and just discovered your library of films! One classic horror film i would love to hear your opinion about is Return of The Living Dead. Great 80s nostalgia for me that you should check out if you havent seen it yet.

    1. Hello Martin thank you very much for your kind feedback. Ive not had a chance to see Return of the Living Dead but my friend Richard who takes part in the commentaries with me is a huge fan. I will look into it for the October Halloween month.

  8. If you haven’t already, I would love to see you review FEAR (1996) and THE BLOB (1988). Thank you!

      1. I don’t know if the following are on your list or have been done, but how about… The Warriors (1979)The Monster Squad (1987)The Blob and Killer Klowns From Outer Space (both 1988)Fear (1996)Gang Related (1997)Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)Return To House On Haunted Hill (2007) Thanks for touching base, Oliver! Patrick

  9. Dear Mr.Harper,
    I think I have watched at least 95 percent of your retrospectives and I love the fact that you talk in depth about the score/soundtrack. This had me thinking about the greatest score in my cinematic brain which was composed by Randy Edelman’s for the film 1996’s Dragonheart…. I was curious if you had any plans to do this film as I think you are one of the only people on the web that could do justice to this highly underrated film in which the music is magnificent. This is a magnificent film that marked various milestones in cinematic history and I think the world would be a better place if you did a retrospective on it.

    -Huge fan and aspiring Cinematographer
    Jason Smolesky

    1. Hello Jason!. Happy New Year. Wow thats great to hear you’ve watched 95% of my work. I had planned to review Dragonheart ages ago but I totally forgot about it. I will help get around to it in a couple of months. Yes it does have a fantastic score. Randy did a great job on Dragon The Bruce Lee Story as well. There is loads to look forward to this year!.

  10. Hey Oliver just wanted to let you know that your channel is quite possibly the best film review channel there is out there. Your opinions are honest and clear, the videos are very in depth and inform you of things you might not even have known, and your commentaries are also a great listen. The only thing I could possibly ask for more of is the podcast reviews of new movies, and i know they probably take time but I adore the videos of you Richard and Duncan watching crap films together. Thanks a lot mate and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Isaac, thank you very much for your feedback. Im honoured to hear you find my reviews the best online. There will be more video specials with Richard and Duncan. This month Richard and Duncan have had nasty colds which has put them out of action for a bit. But next month things will be back on track. Cheers!

      1. Ahh it’s nothing gotta give credit where it’s due. Sorry to hear about rich and Duncan being sick but guess it happens to us all. Anyway, can’t wait to see some more of your amazing content!

  11. Hi Oliver, I’ve been a fan of your work for some time and decided it was time to pass on a donation. I’ll keep them coming as time goes by. I love the detail you go into, especially the behind-the-scenes happenings and covering the soundtracks. I’ve been introduced to so many great soundtracks from your videos. The movies you pick to review are usually movies I love, my favourite directors are James Cameron, Ridley Scott, John Carpenter and Terrence Mallick. Your review of Aliens is a personal favourite. Please keep up the great work!

  12. HI!, OLIVER, from 2010 i have searched for this kind of content, i never found it, until now 2022. i watched one classic movie review, and figured out now i found it. so now my mission is to donate to you, from month to month, to year to year.

    From: Finland.

      1. Yes i will gladly help you. By donate means. But first i have other things to worry about, you will receive donations soon.

        Mikael. 😁👍

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