Hello everyone!. These are a number of rules I’ve set up I would like everyone to read and follow when making posts. Please follow the link to join the Facebook Group



1. Make sure what you post is in someway related to what this group is about and keep focus on Films, TV Shows and Video Games. Please try and avoid anything too political or irrelevant.

2. If you’re a creative individual and you also like to produce your own videos on YouTube or related video sharing websites then by all means share your work on the forum. I have no problem with people expressing their creativity but make sure you are interacting with others on the forum and not just here to promote yourself.

3. Please be polite to other members during discussions. Anyone caught being rude will have their posts deleted and may face being banned. If you feel someone is out of order and it hasn’t been brought to my attention then please contact me.

4. When it comes to movie news please double check the group before posting to make sure it hasn’t been posted already. I don’t want the group spammed with the same topics.

5. When discussing a subject please keep the posts linked into one thread, please only post something new if its of a different subject.

6. This group was set up to promote and share my work and obviously to discuss popular media and above all films. I have no problem with people sharing their own work on this group but this group isn’t here to promote other popular YouTube users. If you want to discuss other critics in great depth or share their work then please post on your own Facebook wall or chat with fans on other dedicated groups and forums.

7. If you’ve seen a new movie and would like to post a review then please don’t discuss spoilers that may ruin a film for other members who haven’t had a chance to see it. If you must discuss a spoiler and feel its important please put a warning in capital letters at the start of the thread.

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